Faida is an open-ended scheme, which seeks to create wealth to Tanzanians particularly to middle and low-income group through investments in units to obtain competitive return through capital growth; and enhance the culture of savings in the financial assets. The new Faida Fund is expected to be launched in November 2022. The fund is expected to take on board small investors including bodaboda, students, workers, retirees, peasants etc. Faida Fund has been registered with Capital Markets and Security Authority (CMSA) in September 2020.

Faida Fund is managed by Watumishi Housing Investments (WHI) which is a Government Institution under President’s Office Public Service Management and Good Governance responsible for managing collective investment schemes.

Minimum amount to be invested during initial sale is TZS 10,000/= and subsequent additional investment of TZS 5,000/=

    • The fund is run by WHI as a Fund Manager with professionals approved by CMSA. The Scheme preserve the capital and offer high return through its investments policy.
    • The funds obtained will be invested in financial and capital markets with a very low level of risk (Liquidity).
    • The fund is open to Tanzanians and residents inside and outside the country, individuals, children and institutional investors.
    • You can invest every month without deductions using a standing order or with direct deductions from the employer, thus avoiding inconvenience.
    • Transaction costs are very small; thus being the right way to invest because you use the Government Payment System to make payments (control number)
    • You will be able to apply for a loan from the bank or any financial institution and put your investment units as collateral.
    • The fund allows investment for children.


Yes, you will be able to invest for your child. The parent will guide the investment account until the child reaches 18 years of age.

You can invest in Faida Fund through four (4) options.

  1. Mobile application through USSD using any mobile network by Dialing *152*00# then select Malipo then 6 (WHI) 
  2. by using the WHI website through
  3. by using mobile application  WekezaWHI App
  4. by filling in the manual application form available at the WHI Offices or through downloading on the WHI website

After registration, the investor will be given a control number which he/she will always use to buy units. The Control number will not change. You will be able to use the same control number to make payments through mobile  phone using Government Payment Menu, using a bank agent or by going directly to the bank. Don’t give  money to someone to buy you the units.

The scheme shall charge neither the entry load nor the exist load, thus investor shall be allowed to purchase as well as redeem units at the prevailing applicable NA. Payments through GePG makes Faida Fund to be the best Fund for an investor to get more returns at relatively low cost.

Investment units are property like any other. It is also an asset. Therefore if owner dies, then his/her heirs will inherit the units through the Trust Administrator or if there is a will that directed the units to be inherited by whom, then that will be managed by the Trust Administrator. Soon after receiving the court documents for the appointment of the Trust Administrator, Faida Fund will complete inheritance process of the  units.

Yes. An Investor can request his/her Employer to automatically deduct an amount from his salary and invest in Faida Fund (Standing Order).

Units are sold or repurchase at the prevailing applicable Net Asset Value (NAV). Investors are advised to consider the NAV per unit of the fund at the time they contemplate buying the units.

You can do unit repurchase three months after joining the Faida Fund.

You will receive the money within three (3) working days after selling the units.