About us


Watumishi Housing Investments is a real estate developer and a licenced fund manager responsible for establishment and management of collective investment schemes.


WHI was established under the Companies Act (Cap 212) of 2002. The primary objective of WHI is to enable employees and members of pension funds to own affordable houses and serviced plots which are aspirations enshrined in both national and international objectives as enumerated in the National Human Settlements Development Policy (2000), Development Vision 2025, and the Sustainable Development Goals:2030 (SDGs).

WHI operates as a fund manager of public servants housing scheme under Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) currently managing FAIDA FUND. In this regard, REIT and FAIDA FUND operations are in accordance with the Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA) Act, the Capital Markets and Securities (Collective Investment Schemes) and Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 2006. Furthermore, the REIT complies with (Real Estate Investment Trusts) Rules, 2011.

Due to its responsibilities that include Fund Management, Property Development and Management, WHI is also governed by other policies and legislation, which include the National Social Security Policy 2003, Housing Policy 2005, Land Policy 1995 and other crosscutting policies.


Watumishi Housing Investments (WHI) as a fund manager and real estate developer its main functions are:

Our Vision

Wealth Creation and Ownership of Affordable Homes for All

Our Mission

To enable employees to create wealth and own affordable quality homes through sound property development and fund management principles.